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Tankonline delivers custom-made stainless steel tanks

Tankonline tank construction delivers stainless steel tanks for various industries such as the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and the food industry. Our storage tanks are cylindrical and available from 50 liters up to 30m3. Tankonline allows you to design your own storage tank that forms a seamless fit to your specific needs. By combining design capabilities, innovation and a highly efficient production, we offer the highest quality stainless storage tanks against very competitive pricing.

Benefits of Tankonline stainless storage tanks:

  • High quality
  • Competitive pricing
  • Custom-made
  • KIWA- , Lloyds- and/or TUV certified

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Options and possibilities for designing your stainless steel tank

opslagtank samenstellen diameterDiameter

Options and possibilities for designing your stainless steel tank



opslagtank samenstellenhoogteHeight

Determine the height of your stainless storage tank.



opslagtank samenstellen type onderkant bovenkantType of head and bottom

Choose your type of tank top and bottom. Cone-shaped, flat, open, degree-angle, Klöpper head and Korbbogen head are all available.


opslagtank samenstellen onderstelFrame

Choose from all available frame types and the number of legs. Tubular, adjustable and u-shaped legs and wheels are some available options.


opslagtank samenstellen horizontale verticale liggingPosition

Select the position of the stainless storage tank. Horizontal or vertical position.



Choose from a broad spectrum of available accessories for Tankonline stainless steel storage tanks. Need our advice? Just call!